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  Natasha called in the morning of February 22nd. She has been patiently and sometimes not so patiently waiting for her baby. Granted, he came a little late.  A happy, festive feeling was almost palpable as I walked into her family home. Natasha smiling brightly through out most of her birth work. She had moments when she thought she could give no more but then reached deep down within herself and found the strength to...

Mama’s Helper

Danil at todays pre natal visit. Listening and counting heartbeats of his baby brother. Not easy to do a complete pre natal with little Danil keeping us our toes. He knew what to do and all I just had to sit back and let him take care of his mother.

February Highlights

This is little Jasper just moments after he was born. He had a very gentle delivery. His mother practiced mindfulness meditation through out his birth. Happy Birthday Jasper. Welcome in a family that has been waiting for you with happy...