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IMG_20140701_151825_040-1In the wee early morning hours, just as the sun began to rise, this little girl joined her family.

Here you see her big sister Amelie and brother Luke welcoming her and falling in love.  Amelie was hoping to name her sister Grace and after

careful consideration, this was the name everybody settled on.  No doubt, she found a home full of love and adventure.

Grace was born in the year of the wood horse with the moon in cancer, the hour of the Phoenix.

Her father, mother and a huge family is celebrating with  much joy the arrival of this little bundle of joy.   Mother and baby are resting up at home; pampered by family and friends.

Once again this tired midwife is joining the chorus of gratitude and humble joy for being at the right place at the right time  witnessing the never ending miracle unfolding.

Happy Birthday Grace.  May you always be one with the causes of happiness.

Congratulations Genevieve and Caleb










Once again a very tired midwife