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Family midwife



The Focalpoints of Family Midwifery care

  • Support, counsel and care for parents with restricted abilities to manage daily life.
  • Motivation of mother and child in difficult life circumstances, nurturing and teaching self-help\
  • networking and cooperation  to close  ” care gaps”
  • conflict counseling in all life situation
  • spanning around the first two years of a child’s life
  • fostering healthy early childhood development and bonding
  • regular midwifery care ( prenatal care, birth, post partum, lactation consulting )
  • documentation and help with insurance issues

Midwives should be able to verify their training at an accredited midwifery school or Nursing school and should be licensed with the Medical Board of their state.  If a midwife wishes to broaden her scope of practice into ” Family Midwifery”, she  can choose additional course work, such as Early Childhood development, Yoga, Meditation and Psychology course work.January 19, 2013IMG_9942