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New Beginnings September 10th 2014


Someone said the last full moon  was a “super moon”.  Folks often think the full moon is a good time to have a baby.Maybe it’s a little romantic to think that. Though I would say the full moon is full of interesting surprises.  I remember full moons during my midwifery training in one of West Berlins largest hospitals, that seemed to come out of  ER movies or a comedy show.  Experiences of finding the night cleaning staff completely drunk in a broom closet,   all beds filled with women laboring at different stages, babies being born.  Doorbells and phones ringing and fire fighters bringing a mother ( with a babies bottom “peaking” out ), fathers collapsing, a mother bringing in a teenage girl with a surprise baby on the way. You name it, I’ve seen it.  LOL
This full moon day began a little like that but it was full of great “catches” to the true extend of the word.

Please meet Izeah, who was born September 10th at 09:24 AM Congratulations to Satya and Ameen.  It has been wonderful to guide you into parenthood and the journey still


Izeah had just settled into his mothers arm, when I was called to another birth. At 12:24 PM  we welcomed James into the world.   His birth was swift and uncomplicated.  Not only are his parents utterly delighted to be his parents: there are grandparents and aunties and many many friends celebrating his birth.

Happy Birthday James !   Congratulations Josh and Ariel. I absolutely enjoyed caring for you and glad to continue being here for you during post partum and early parenting. photo(6)