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big yawnAngelika Nugent is a San Francisco midwife who works with both mothers who choose to have a home birth and those who give birth at a hospital, recognizing that a doctor or hospital-affiliated midwife can only offer medical support, and then only in small time slots.

In all of her midwifery services, Angelika strives to provide both the medical and emotional support necessary for a wonderful and holistic childbirth experience.

During each of her many hour-long check ups, from prenatal care to visits after the birth, she offers a wide range of advice on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, natural childbirth, and early parenting. She is also a lactation specialist.

Angelika hopes to custom tailor midwifery services for each individual woman, child, and family. She is able to provide care to women who are suffering from trauma or other special circumstances, and performs or prescribes medical testing appropriate to the pregnancy and the mother.

Angelika provides ample time for questions in each visit, and is available 24 hours a day by cell phone.

Her services include: From week 6 to week 28, an hour long visit every three weeks

From week 28 to week 35 an hour long visit every two weeks

From week 35 until birth an hour long visit every week

Labor and delivery

Daily postpartum visits to the mothers home for the first week

Additional visits at two, four and six weeks.