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Home Birth, Natural Childbirth, Prenatal Care, Postpartum Care

NewbornWe felt absolutely confident and comfortable in Angelika’s care. She is a seasoned midwife, inspiring confidence. Prenatal visits were excellent with plenty of time given. All questions were answered. After my visits, I always felt uplifted and was left with the greatest smile plastered on my face. Amazing! Angelika truly opened a path for us to have what we wanted. She was extremely supportive of both me and John.



babynursingAngelika delivered both of my sons at home. She is a highly skilled professional who is always empathic and caring. Our respect and love for her has grown with each encounter.



Newborn1aI had a difficult pregnancy with my second child and Angelika was with me every step of the way. My three year old daughter was always lovingly included and welcomed. Not to ever forget the incredible postpartum care I received. In my case, she came for 2 weeks nearly everyday due to a cyst on my ovary that Angelika detected.




Motherandchild3aI had my baby in the hospital. I am a single mother and I feel my good fortune brought me to Angelika. Before the birth, we had plenty of time to learn about each other. I got so much love and encouragement from her that I felt very comfortable with her by my side. She is very strong and very professional and it seemed as though everybody liked working with her in the hospital. Her wisdom and kindness helped me smooth out some rough facts of single parenting, especially post partum.




siblingsAngelika was my midwife for both of my children. My first baby was born at home. It was the most wonderful family event one could imagine. We were hoping for another home birth, but after a long time Angelika suggested that we should relocate to the hospital. Finally, my birthteam and I decided that I needed a c-section. At UCSF, Angelika and Dr. Gates worked very hard that day to help my 11+ pound son to be born. It was true what Angelika said: ‘A good birth is not only defined by location or length, but also by the care, love and respect given. I had another wonderful birth’.




fatherandchildAngelika leaves ample time for questions, answers and discussions. She is informative and open minded, which allowed us to make choices about our prenatal care and birth that we were comfortable with (e.g. genetic testing, etc.) angelica delivered both of our sons at our home- Our love and respect has grown with each encounter.—Lynn




PostpartumcareAngelica’s postpartum visits were the highlight for me. She came everyday for the first week! Then once a week for the first month. She gave us real confidence. —Krista