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I hope you find this new website a valuable and interesting look into the world of natural childbirth, mindful parenting, post-partum care, prenatal care, family groups, and other topics of interest to you.

You will find my musings on being a midwife  and the joys of caring for and helping new families face the challenges of parenthood. I offer encouragement and maybe some humor to soften the harder days of rearing children, balancing life and work, and how mindful living empowers us all to be our best.

I encourage you to explore my site and welcome you to comment on posts, leave questions, and as long as you are a real person and not a spammer or bot, your comments will be posted after a short review time. Please contact me, via the form on the right-hand column if you are ready to explore the possibility of a home birth or would like to give birth in a hospital with a homestyle atmosphere or if you are interested  to join one of my groups, or  with any other concern or question you may have.